How to get the most out of your Air Compressor

Posted: June 29, 2010 in Air Compressors, Compressor Maintenance, Industrial Equipment

Get the most out of your Reciprocating Air Compressor by establishing a regular, well-organized maintenance program and strictly following it.

Such a program is critical to maintaining the performance of a compressed air system and will save you time and money in the long haul. You should use the standard recommended minimum maintenance procedures for air-cooled reciprocating compressors as listed in the checklist below.

One person should be given the responsibility of ensuring that all maintenance is performed properly, on schedule, and is adequately documented.

Before performing any maintenance function:
• Switch main disconnect switch to “off” position to assure no power is entering unit.
• “Lock Out” or “Tag Out” all sources of power.
• Be sure all air pressure in unit is relieved. Failure to do this may result in injury or equipment damage.

DAILY MAINTENANCE OR (every 8 hours)
1. Check oil level of both compressor and engine if so equipped. Add quality lubricating oil as required.
2. Drain moisture from tank by opening tank drain valve located in bottom of tank.
3 Check for any unusual noise or vibration
4. Turnoff compressor at the end of each day’s operation. Turn off power supply at wall switch.

WEEKLY MAINTENANCE OR (every 100 hours)
1. Clean dust and foreign matter from cylinder head, motor, fan blade, air lines, intercooler and tank.
2. Remove and clean intake air filters.  
3. Check V-belts for tightness. The V-belts must be tight enough to transmit the necessary power to the compressor

MONTHLY MAINTENANCE OR (every 500 hours)
1. Change crankcase oil if using CHAMPLUB hydrocarbon based reciprocating oil.
2. Check entire system for air leakage around fittings, connections, and gaskets, using soap solution.
3. Tighten nuts and cap-screws as required.
4. Check and clean compressor valves, replace worn or damaged assemblies & gaskets
5. Pull ring on all pressure relief valves to assure proper operation.

ANNUAL MAINTENANCE OR (every 4000 hours)
1. When CHAMPLUB synthetic lubricant is used, lubricant change intervals may be extended to every 4,000 hours or annually whichever occurs first (change more frequently in harsher conditions).
2. Maintain lubricant level between high- and low-level marks on bayonet gauge. (Discoloration or a higher lubricant level reading may indicate the presence of condensed water). If lubricant is contaminated, drain and replace. 
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